Litigation Planning and Strategy
Evert Weathersby Houff provides consultation and planning services for clients in the area of litigation strategy. Members of the firm sit on trial strategy and advisory committees for several of the leading industrial manufacturers and industrial service corporations in the United States. Evert Weathersby Houff draws on its decades of trial experience to answer its clients' questions and develop an effective litigation strategy.

National Counsel
Evert Weathersby Houff serves as National Coordinating Counsel for several of its clients. Some of those responsibilities include witness development, discovery coordination, trial preparation, settlement strategy and negotiation, and lead trial representation.

Evert Weathersby Houff Philosophy
The ethical representation of clients requires Evert Weathersby Houff, its attorneys and staff, always remember that every case belongs to the client, and all substantial decisions must be made by an informed client. In support of its unwavering philosophy, the firm does everything necessary to keep the client informed so that the client can make the decisions necessary to successfully complete the case.