C. Michael Evert, Jr.

Since the 1980s, Michael has played a pivotal role in mass tort litigation throughout the United States. The depth of his experience as a lead trial counsel, a complex settlement negotiator, and an overall strategist places Michael in a very small group of mass toxic tort lawyers with a complete understanding of all judicial, financial, and tactical issues relevant to these claims.

Early in his career, in the wake of the dissolution of the Asbestos Claims Facility, Michael was in a small group of counsel that developed and implemented unique defense strategies for the asbestos litigation. The resulting regional trial team organization became a model for many defendants in the asbestos litigation and in other mass toxic torts. Evert Weathersby Houff's presence as a primary contributor to the strategic community for the defense of mass torts has its origin in the firm's development of this model in the late 1980s. The evolution of the original model continues to the present in Michael's development of trial and litigation strategies for Fortune 500 companies and others.

Michael's trial experience is extensive, both geographically and numerically, as he has acted as lead trial counsel in individual trials in more than a dozen states. In addition, he served as a lead defense trial counsel in major consolidations, including the Baltimore shipyard consolidations of the early to mid-1990s and the first major consolidation in the asbestos litigation in the Mississippi delta. Michael has worked extensively with expert witnesses from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Where complex settlement models have been the appropriate course, Michael has directed and conducted negotiations with most of the significant plaintiff's lawyers and firms involved in mass toxic tort litigation.

Today, Michael serves as primary counsel for several companies developing financial, strategic, and litigation plans to respond effectively to the sophisticated tactics of the mass tort plaintiffs' bar. He frequently is asked to speak on this and related topics and continues to be an invited lecturer at highly regarded gatherings of the leaders of the toxic tort bar.

Michael has been further recognized with frequent selection by attorneys around the country for inclusion in the highly respected The Best Lawyers in America in the specialty of Mass Tort Litigation and as one of American Lawyer's Go-To Litigation Firms for the top Fortune 500 companies.

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