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Evert Weathersby Houff is a pioneer in the asbestos personal injury litigation. Since the 1980s, EWH  has served as national trial counsel, national coordinating counsel, negotiation counsel, and local counsel for several Fortune 500 companies. EWH has structured day to day management and strategic defense planning for several defendants, each facing more than 100,000 asbestos personal injury cases.

EWH attorneys’ decades of experience assists clients in various aspects of the asbestos litigation including investigating claims, strategic budgets and litigation management plans, identifying and retention of experts, preparing and defending experts for deposition and trial testimony, and defending clients in discovery, settlement negotiations, and trial. EWH attorneys are constantly utilizing innovative and ground breaking strategies to help our clients navigate the challenges facing defendants in the asbestos litigation.

EWH clients include product suppliers and vendors, manufactures of a wide range of products and components, premises owners, and contractors.