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The firm was founded in 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia by C. Michael Evert, Jr. and Michael N. Weathersby. Drawing upon their experience as trial lawyers, Evert and Weathersby created a boutique civil litigation firm focused on excelling in emerging products liability and toxic tort arenas. In 2000, our Athens, Georgia office was opened when partners William D. Harvard, Rikard L. Bridges and Ivan A. Gustafson joined the firm. Edward F. Houff joined the firm in 2006 and opened our Baltimore, Maryland office and the firm name changed to Evert Weathersby Houff.

Evert Weathersby Houff ("EWH") and each of its principals have received and maintained Martindale-Hubbell's highest legal ability, ethical and general recommendation rating -- the "AV" rating. EWH attorneys come from a broad and diverse background, each bringing critical skills to the nationwide trial and litigation management practice of the firm.

EWH has played prominent leadership and strategic roles in both local and national litigation for several Fortune 500 companies named in asbestos-related personal injury, products liability, premises liability and property damage claims. As national trial counsel and as national coordinating counsel to these companies, EWH has consistently provided creative, cost-effective and thoughtful legal representation, ranging from day to day management to high level strategic planning.

EWH lawyers are experienced and seasoned. They have served as trial counsel in numerous individual cases and consolidated trials. EWH principals have served as lead counsel in trial formats ranging in size from individual cases or small group consolidations to massive and complex consolidated "common issues" trials governing more than 8,500 cases. EWH has acted as lead counsel in individual and consolidated trials occurring in all parts of the nation, including the primary focus jurisdictions of toxic tort litigation: California, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and West Virginia. The consolidated trials alone represent tens of thousands of claims tried to verdict by the firm's partners and involving many months of actual trial time. The trial experience and success represented by EWH attorneys is second to none.

Evert Weathersby Houff Today

EWH has earned credibility among its peers on both sides of the litigation bar and with the judiciary officers before whom its lawyers have appeared. EWH's extensive and long-term involvement in toxic tort litigation has also generated significant ties in the community of epidemiology, research and development, social science, industrial hygiene and other relevant medical and scientific specialties.

EWH prides itself in designing and providing a package of legal services that is tailored to the individual client's needs. EWH's formidable and experienced team of attorneys, paraprofessionals and staff permit depth, reach and flexibility. EWH's clients are assured of direct, personal attention from the senior members of the firm. Also, to maximize client services, EWH utilizes a staff of experienced paralegals and the latest computer software and technology.

EWH is committed to cost effective management and resolution of litigation disputes. We are experienced in the preparation of litigation budgets and are open to the discussion of alternative fee billing arrangements. With appropriate conflict waivers, EWH offers its clients the benefit of joint representation of multiple parties in the complex litigation arena so as to further reduce per client litigation costs.

EWH maintains an impressive list of clients including both traditional defendants in mass tort litigation and defendants involved in their first mass tort claims. The critical functions performed for these defendants, in the past and today, include the analysis of all aspects of the litigation so as to anticipate and adjust the clients' defense strategies to the dynamic environment of the litigation. Consultation of the firm includes strategic, legal, legislative, and practical decision-making issues.

Long-standing client relationships are the most accurate measure of a law firm's success in meeting its clients' needs for legal services. EWH's lawyers pride themselves on the firm's longstanding and continuing client relationships that are productive, professional and collegial. We believe that structuring client relationships in this fashion best positions us to provide legal services of the highest quality while maximizing efficiency, communication, and an ongoing partnership with each of our clients. At EWH, meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations and goals is our prime focus.